Why Choose Us



A growth partner that continues to add value

Experienced investment teams



Solid and pragmatic post-investment teams


Our professional investment team helps you to build a stronger business.


Bole Capital gathers experts in the industry together and uses their wisdom and
leadership to take a step closer to success.



Bole Capital actively seeks outstanding enterprises with growth potential and creates long-term value for them. Our team spends lots of time and energy studying the development of the industry, technology, and consumption habits to capture an enormous market share in the future. The fact that how an enterprise can be chosen determines whether the group can continue to thrive.

Another investment strategy of Bole Capital is concentration. It is essential to have good insights and connections in the industries we focused on and to build an ecosystem to invest in startups and help them grow in all aspects.

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Please contact us directly for more venture investment details!

Please feel free to get in touch with us through any of our communication channels and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

電話 Tel.:     +852 3692 5342

​郵箱 Email: invest@bolecapital.net

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