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Dive Into the New Age of Digital Investment

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Digital Tokens

It is dreams that can change the world, achieving successful digital transformation in a more innovative way in the future! In today's world, investments that yield a hundredfold return are hidden in digital assets. Vision to Future, Courage to harvest.

HK & US Stocks

Warren Buffett said, What’s nice about investing is you don’t have to swing at every pitch. The trick in investing is just to sit there and watch pitch after pitch goes by and wait for the one right in your sweet spot.


Blockchain is becoming increasingly important. More and more organizational leaders are exploring what this revolutionary new technology means for their business. Blockchain is rapidly transforming financial services, supply chain networks, regulatory systems, government behavior, service providers, and other industries. Decentralized global networks are what the Internet was all about. The blockchain brings a long-awaited paradigm shift that will allow us to create a better-decentralized world.

Innovative Technology

To promote innovation and foster entrepreneurship in HK, we have set up a venture capital fund of HK$ 5 billion to invest in digital assets technology with breakthrough development potential. 

We Media in Digital Token or Blockchain

If you have enough fans in your media and you have a unique influence on digital token or blockchain, we believe that with the help of our platform, you will have a qualitative change.


We Connect with Your Ecosystem

Bole Capital Group Limited takes "Dual-fuel Engine" as its development strategy, brings outstanding investment talents together, and through diversified investment plans such as professional capital deployment and asset allocation, invests the obtained resources in entrepreneurial development projects to ensure adequate cash flow through revolving investment.