To encourage the ubiquitous adoption of cryptocurrencies
To foster a healthy development of the entire digital asset space
Dedication and Reverence
Company Philosophy
Risk-first Approach
Strategic market entry
About us

Bole Capital is an investment fund focused solely on digital asset research and investments. We are a community of blockchain analysts dedicated to researching, analysing, and investing in quality projects in the cryptocurrency space.

Blockchain technologies are laying the foundations for a fairer and more accessible world. We believe that the rise of innovative tokenized economies will empower everyone in unprecedented ways.Our mission is therefore to foster the understanding and growth of cryptocurrencies so that more individuals and institutions can benefit from this wave of technological disruption.

Company Culture

Bole Capital is a growing international community dedicated to engaging in early stage blockchain projects with great potential.

We believe that blockchain technologies are paving the way for the Web 3.0 era that will radically transform how we experience and interact with the world.

Research and Insights

Our team periodically publishes industry insights, token analyses, and reports on special topics.

Our Business

We strive to identify the most promising blockchain projects in the crypto space and invest in them early. Our portfolio covers a variety of sectors: Layer 1 ecosystems, sidechains and Layer 2 solutions, Decentralized finance dApps (DeFi), Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Metaverse-native projects, Play-to-earn games (GameFi), Web 3.0 applications, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Exponential growth of cryptocurrencies
Blockchain technologies enable a new class of digital assets with explosive growth potential
Blockchain Adoption
Blockchain technologies are reshaping the digital landscape and ushering us into a more equitable and prosperous era
Crypto Leadership
We aspire to be a trusted thought leader in blockchain technologies. Being at the frontier of new crypto development, we push the conceptual boundaries of conventional investment
Crypto advocacy
We are eager to nurture young talent in discovering promising crypto projects and delivering crypto knowledge. We aim to leverage our investment decisions to educate the public in this space
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Work with us

At Bole Capital, we value our people above all else. We are a team of inquisitive contributors from all walks of life driven by a shared passion for cryptocurrencies.

We are aggressively expanding and recruiting talent from all backgrounds and fields of study. Please refer to the open positions listed below: