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伯樂創投集團有限公司(下稱「伯樂創投」或「公司」,連同其附屬公司「集團」)是項目投資集團, 專注於創新科技、應用程式、網站等具有超前思維模式的互聯網產業。除了投資有潛質的初創項目,集團同時會提供優質資産管理服務。我們在全球多個國家/地區有多名合作伙伴,在當地積極發掘和投資具潛力的初創項目,同時為初創中小企業配對優質投資者,搭建高效融資平台。


Bole Capital Group Limited (“Bole Capital” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is a project investment group. The Group focuses on innovative technology, applications, websites, and other Internet-related industries with progressive thinking mode. Apart from investing in promising start-ups’ projects, the Group will also provide quality asset management services. We have a global partnership network in certain countries and regions. Bole Capital actively explores and invests in promising start-up projects in local areas. The Group also matches quality investors with new SMEs and builds efficient financing platforms.

Compared with general venture capital firms that mainly focus on investment interests, Bole Capital tends to offer different assistance to the entrepreneurs. Apart from offering capital assistance, Bole Capital will also take the coaching and consulting role with its consummated technology development team and business connections, to perfect the startup's development. Therefore, Bole Capital offers a more humanized and abundant assistance compared with general venture capital firms, and these features have attracted entrepreneurs with no experiences but potentials and ideas to work with us.

We create value with entrepreneurs in four main areas:


Well-connected to the Greater Bay Area
Full Equipped
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